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Best Safaris Vehicle for Game Drive in Akagera National Park Tour, to have a best safari experience, is not just about the attractions, but the quality of the vehicle used and with the best safari driver guide. Enjoy your safari, with great comfort, free from the bumps of the rough roads with potholes.

Quality isn’t just a word. To enjoy your safari game drive in Akagera, you need a high quality 4 x 4 safari vehicle, with a pop-up roof, to give you a great view of the park. We offer you the latest new, models, premium 4×4 vehicles for your adventurous African chauffer safari together with an innovative new pricing system that passes available discounts directly on to you at the very moment you book your safari with us, to Akagera National Park. Watch our Vehicles & Prices; the earlier you book, the Toyota Land Cruiser (4-wheel drive) – 7 Passenger safari customized Land Cruiser/Jeep. Each person is entitled to a window seat with wide screen. Where need be, we also have the 8-seater safari Land Cruiser. This will give you a greater taste of luxury treat.

Toyota Land Cruiser (4-wheel drive) – 7 Passenger safari customized Land Cruiser/Jeep

  • Seats 7 comfortably. Each person has a window seat.
  • The vehicle is safari customized with custom shock absorbers and top hatch for game viewing and photography.
  • Chauffeur driver by a professional safari driver/guide
  • Free airports pick up and drop off if pick up and drop off is on the same dates as you use the vehicle.
  • Price inclusive of fuel, the vehicle has two fuel tanks, enough for your long stay.
  • Price inclusive of vehicle and park entrance fees
  • This vehicle is excellent for 4 – 7 passengers traveling together.
  • Each person has a window seat to view wildlife.
  • The vehicle has a large pop-up roof for game viewing and photography.
  • The vehicle has two fuel tanks to ensure you go for long trips without worrying fuel may run out.
  • Extended chassis allows for lots of room for each passenger to have enough personal space and leg room!
  • Comfortable reclining seats
  • Each seat has a seat belt.
  • Load compensating suspension for a smooth ride on rough roads
  • The vehicle has a refrigerator to keep your drink cool.
  • The vehicle has double spare wheels
  • Four doors for easy access
  • Best comfort seat, that make you not feel the potholes bumps.
  • Pop up roof, for game viewing
  • English or French speaking driver guide.

We don’t configure new refrigerated, pop-up roof 4×4 safari vehicles as we like them but as you like them. When we bring our unique 4x4s on the market we do not ask ourselves “How much can we rent them out for?” but “How little can we rent them out for?”.  We don’t tell you what the best service is; we ask you how we can be best of service to you.

We want you to experience the uniqueness of our Akagera wilderness, our African wildlife and your off-road adventure totally carefree and turn it into an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can count on us to help you make this come true!


Our vehicles are modified to provide a safe 4×4 experience, to make you enjoy your wonderful safari at ease. Book yourself a safari to Akagera in advance, so as we reserve for you, the best safari vehicle, that will really give you the best safari experience.

Best Safaris Vehicle for Game Drive to be used on Safaris.

We have a number of safaris, from 1 Days Akagera Safari, 2 Days Akagera Wildlife Tour, and 3 Days Akagera Wildlife Tour. You can as well opt for 4, 5 depending on your choice. Get in touch with our team, to have your booking made.

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