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Experience the unforgettable Rwanda wildlife safaris with Cultural Tours in Akagera National Park and witness the Big Five animals. Your visit the neighboring local community could spice up your safari and gives you a great chance to have an interaction with the neighboring community which could equip you with a great knowledge of the Banyarwanda’s. Your tour operator guide or a freelance community guides can also organize for you some interesting safaris as well as cultural adventures for park visitors to participate in.

Cultural tours options in Akagera National Park

There are 4 choices; the Heritage which is the culture of cattle, the local production that’s beers and the bees, arts and crafts as well as the celebration which is food and festivities. Each of these communities, will give you quite a different experience upon your visit. The experiences range from milking a cow to making the Imigongo paintings, sampling of honey on the comb, helping in preparing a local meal, engaging in a traditional Rwandan dance.

The Imigongo Art and Craft Centre:

This is one of the most famous cultural sites, run mostly by the majority of women groups, who came up with an idea of using cow dung to create an art which can be used as a house decoration. Imigongo Art Center is a social business whose mission is to create, innovate Imigongo artmaking as a way add to the efforts of creating jobs for the youth and women in rural Rwanda.

Imigongo art is a type of art that is made through patterns that are made of cow dung base. This art is native to Rwanda from the East in an area originally known as Igisaka, now a part of Ngoma and Kirehe districts. Imigongo art is one of the arts that is affordable but has all the originality of what art needs to be.

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