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Fishing in Akagera National Park is done mainly as a sport and is among the main activities along the shores of Lake Shakani. Hippos and crocodile do share the same water with the fish, and you can hear the snorts of the hippos as well as the dry of the water birds plus the sounds of the fish in the water.

Condition for fishing in Akagera National Park

As you catch fish you are also surrounded with great sceneries the landscape and also wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles, elephants, waterbucks as well as beautiful birds. You are advised to carry enough sun protection equipment since the temperature can rise over 40°C. Also wear long socks, long sleeved trousers and insect repellents that can be used just in case of tsetse fly bites. Sport fishing requires expertise; therefore, you need assistance from our experienced and skilled fisher guides!

Equipment or Method to use.

As earlier mentioned, that you need to carry your fishing equipment and keep in mind all fish caught is not killed it’s laid back in the water alive. In case you do not have the fishing gears, your tour operator can make all the possible arrangements for you in order to carry out a successful fishing.

The good news about activity in national park is that you get to keep what you fish and in case you feel like cooking it, you might start a fire and get it ready to be roasted in time for lunch or carry it to your hotel and get it prepared for you as dinner.

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