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Where to eat from in Akagera National Park; there are restaurants in Akagera National Park that do serve continental dishes, but in most cases, if you’re going on a game drive, they always pack sandwiches and other light food that can be taken along.

Do not expect real hot food during your game drive unless you return and eat at the game lodge in the park. Some clients do carry their packets of food, drinks, and bites all the way from Kigali and feast on them during the game drive. You’re advised to carry enough water for your needs because you will not find a shop or restaurant in the middle of the park.

Where to Eat from in Akagera Lodges

All lodges are located in the southern part of the park. In case you’re going to order food from the restaurants, thus Ruzizi Tented Camp and Akagera Game Lodge, you need to call in advance and order your booking so as to find it ready when packed and just pay as you head off your game drive.

There are eating places in the middle of the park with shelter where most clients take a break for a bite before they proceed with their game drive to wind up the day tour.

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