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Entrance to Akagera National Park; Akagera National Park is located in the northeastern region of Rwanda about 110 kn from Kigali the capital of Rwanda, a comfortable 2–3-hour drive from Kigali and can be visited on a long day trip if you’re short of time. The only entry to Akagera National Park is via Kiyonza Gate in the south, close to the Park Headquarters and Akagera’s best lodge. (Nyungwe Gate in the north is currently only available to exit the Park). You can exit with northern gate or southern gate. The northern gate is only used for entry by those staying at Magashi Tented Camp

Kiyonza Gate’s Entrance to Akagera National Park

This gate is located in the southern part of the park, mostly used by the majority of the visitors to the park. All those heading to the park uses this gate, except only those staying at Magashi Tented Camp accommodation as their trip is private and exclusive. Those doing short game drives or sleeping at the lodges at the south, can as well use the gate to exit, though majority uses they northern gate to exit after their long day game drives.

Nyungwe Gate’s Entrance

This gate is located in the northern and always used as an exit out of the park. It’s located far away at the edge with park, alongside the wire fence. Both during entrance and exit you will be registered. At entrance, always your driver registers the vehicle, and during exit, a receipt of prove of payment is presented to the park gate before exit.

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