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Best time to Visit Akagera  | Weather of Akagera National Park; Rwanda lies just degrees (2°) south of the Equator-line, however its generally high altitude implies that it experiences temperatures that are hardly ever extreme. During the day, the temperature ranges between 22°C and 27°C while at night they drop to between 16°C and 21°C. the really high areas also receive frost on some days.

From July to September as well as in January the country experiences dry seasons. In the rainy months, the country receives heavy rains nearly every day. However, once the down pour is over, the remainder of the day is normally bright and sunny. So, the best time to visit Akagera National Park is during the dry season, its best recommends you avoid the wet months of March, April and December as most of the routes in the park tend to get muddy, which requires good 4 x 4 safari vehicles that can handle the ground. However, it does not mean, it rains daily, though many visitors though still travel even during wet season. Number of animals can still be spotted.

Rwanda’s Weather and Climate

Below we have summarized the overall weather and climate of Rwanda. Rwanda lies on a high altitude with nice tropical-highland climate and receives plenty of rainfall. Generally, the temperatures across the country differ greatly from one area to another basing on their altitude. The temperatures within the capital city –Kigali on average is 21°C.

Long rains: Rwanda receives long rains that between March up to May, during these months it rains persistently, and the rain falls in heavy volumes.

Long Dry Season: this starts in the month of June up to mid-September. In fact, this is regarded as the best time to visit Rwanda for Safari because it is easy to identify the animals since they are concentrated along water source.

Short Rains: these start from October to November, and then they are followed by a short dry season starting in December up to February.

Please note that due to the climatic changes, we receive showers even in the drier months. It is always advisable for the clients to be prepared for any kind of weather anytime of the year.  Therefore, before you travel it is always advisable to speak with your travel agent. However, Akagera can still be visited year-round, all you are recommended to have a great 4 x 4 safari vehicles during the wet season that can handle the bad roads, as they are made for such purpose.

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